G-Eazy’s Set List in Indianapolis

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Here is a show you’re not going to want to skip out on. With hits like Me, Myself And I, No Limit, and Him and I, G-Eazy has made a big name for himself in hip hop/rap.  His stage presence is unmatched and his set production is insane. If you like fire, awesome visuals, and and overall stunning performance, consider making G-Eazy your next concert. Below is his set list from his show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1. Pray For Me


2. Legend


3. The Plan


4. But a Dream


5. I Mean It


6. 1942


7. Random


8. You Got Me


9. Same Bitches


10. Sober


11. No Less


12. Some Kind of Drug


13. The Beautiful and Damned


14. Gotdamn


15. Power 


16. Calm Down


17. Put Me On Somethin’ (Cover)


18. Drop


19. Forbes

20. Say Less


21. Him and I


22. Me Myself and I


23. No Limit


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